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Currently only available for placing orders for collection at the bulk counter at Eskort Mombela Butchery.

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Prices per kilogram. Orders will be made up to the closest weight

Bacon Cherry Sticks

R128.95 Ex Tax: R113.11

Bacon Lemon Rolls

R91.95 Ex Tax: R80.66

Gammon Steaks Deluxe

R81.95 Ex Tax: R71.89

Gammon with Glaze (Bone Out)

R70.95 Ex Tax: R62.24

Honey Glazed Rashers

R92.96 Ex Tax: R81.54

Kassler Chops - Bone In

R95.95 Ex Tax: R84.17

Loin Ribs

R161.95 Ex Tax: R142.06

Pickled Eisbein

R33.95 Ex Tax: R29.78

Pork Armadillo

R87.95 Ex Tax: R77.15

Pork Belly Roast

R67.95 Ex Tax: R59.61

Pork Fillet

R85.94 Ex Tax: R75.39

Pork Loin Roast

R91.95 Ex Tax: R80.66

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