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Chicken Viennas - Case (12 x 500g)

R349.83 Ex Tax: R306.87

Chicken Viennas - Case (4 x 2.5kg)

R382.42 Ex Tax: R335.46

Chicken Viennas - Case (6 x 1kg)

R262.67 Ex Tax: R230.41

Chicken Viennas 1kg

R39.95 Ex Tax: R35.04

Chicken Viennas 2.5kg

R94.95 Ex Tax: R83.29

Chicken Viennas 500g

R25.95 Ex Tax: R22.76

Mini Viennas - Case (12 x 500g)

R384.93 Ex Tax: R337.66

Mini Viennas 500g

R28.85 Ex Tax: R25.31

Red Viennas - Case (4 x 2.5kg

R350.80 Ex Tax: R307.72

Red Viennas - Case (6 x 1kg)

R233.42 Ex Tax: R204.75

Red Viennas 1kg

R34.95 Ex Tax: R30.66

Red Viennas 2.5kg

R89.95 Ex Tax: R78.90

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